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Healthy Meat Sung Recipe

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A great starter and so much fun to eat (a great one to make for the kids to)


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Ingredients (feeds 4)

500 g Turkey Mince

1 Onion

¼ punnet of Mushrooms

2 cloves of Garlic

Salt/pepper to taste

Chinese 5 spice (to taste, at least a table spoon)

Handful of Sesame seeds

1 Iceberg lettuce

1 tub of Yoghurt

Parsley (to taste)


-Crush 2 garlic gloves in a teaspoon of coconut oil

-Fry the onions and turkey in a pan

-Add Chinese 5 spice, salt and pepper

– Once half cooked, add in the mushrooms

– Meanwhile, take your iceberg lettuce and cut out the stump. Your will have created a hole by removing this stick under a cold tap and let it pour. Slowly you will feel the leafs falling away one at a time to create lovely iceberg wraps

– Finally return to the pan

– Add sesame seeds, which will give you a perfect crunch



finished meat sung







Serve with light yoghurt or coconut yoghurt mixed with parsley

A perfect starter with friends or a fun family meal.

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