Eibhlis Noonan

I started reformer pilates at Elite in October 2013,  14 months after having my little boy Corey……like that I wanted something different as had attended antenatal and post natal pilates which were great when pregnant and after having my little man but by then I needed to challenge myself and my body a lot more.   When I started at Elite I have never looked back and enjoy the reformer classes very much………………they are very different but very rewarding and you feel great satisfaction after your 50 mins.…………I have attended aerobics classes,  spinning, gym you name it but this beats them all hands down. ( was a lot younger then too)………………..it was great to tone and strengthen my body after having a child…………….With my busy schedule now,  I find it suits me perfectly and there are plenty of classes and times to suit you.  I am a lot stronger now and find I walk a lot taller………have had lots of compliments from friends which is great to hear……………I would encourage anybody to try out a class and see for yourself…….the staff are great and very encouraging.   Not only are there reformer classes at all levels but the barre classes which I have done a few (tough but feel great after) and the traditional mat classes.  I am very happy at Elite and delighted there is a pilates venue like this right on my door step.


Suzanne Brett

As a new member to Elite Pilates I already find myself getting stronger, sleeping better and I am happy to return for another class.

The online class booking facility is very user friendly, with classes to choose from 7 days a week!

The instructors are enthusiastic and encouraging. They provide you with a challenging and varied workout


The classes at Elite Pilates have kept me feeling strong and fit since my return from Australia. The instructors are knowledgeable,  friendly and professional. They keep the classes challenging which will keep me coming back!


Glamity Jane 

Started taking classes in Elite Pilates a few months ago and I was immediately impressed by the studios, excellent teachers and type of classes available. I started with a Barre class, which is an intense conditioning class using ballet barre and is absolutely brilliant for working every muscle in your body. The next class I tried was Reformer Pilates. I had seen reformer equipment before, but I had never tried this class and I was really curious to know how it all worked. The main emphasis in these classes is on core strength, alignment and breathing and after that, strengthening and stretching of all muscle groups while keeping your core engaged and breathing into every movement. The combination of strengthening and stretching after each set of movements means you’re improving flexibility as well as building strength and toning, so you feel great after it. I’m also loving the challenge of learning the movement and breathing technique used in Pilates. I have to say I’m kind of addicted. I go at least 2 – 3 times a week I really look forward it. The classes are small which means the teacher can really concentrate on each person, making sure you’re using the correct technique and getting the most out of each class. They also make sure they’re aware of anyone with injuries, which I think is great. If they feel you need to avoid or take it a little easier with certain movements they’ll advise you to do that, so it’s suitable for everyone. I suffer from back and shoulder pain from wear and tear and I felt a huge improvement in both areas after only a few weeks. I haven’t had much pain or stiffness since then and I feel much stronger. I also noticed a significant difference in muscle tone after only 2 – 3 weeks. I have more definition to my waist. My arms and legs are more toned and I feel totally energised. I’m really glad I started these classes and I’d recommend them to anyone!


I began classes at Elite about 9 months ago, my goal was to strengthen and tone after having 2 babies. Elite provided a warm, encouraging and relaxed environment, I was able to try out a number of classes to find the ones that suited me best. As a working mom, the flexible timetable allowed me to choose class times to fit my schedule.

9 months on, I feel I’ve achieved my original goals and so much more. My overall fitness, energy and posture has improved greatly. I love my weekly classes, especially Barre and my husband now also enjoys the mens only reformer class. The team at Elite Pilates are professional and great fun and the facilities are super. I would recommend anyone to give it a go!


Great studio and great instructors. I’d encourage anyone to try Pilates, especially reformer Pilates. I was introduced to it by my parents who took it up to improve their golf but the benefits reach far beyond a better swing. It helps improve posture, flexibility, strength and tone. An enjoyable exercise that’s suitable for all ages, body types and levels of fitness. Guaranteed to see me though all stages of life. Having attended many classes in various cities and countries I’d highly recommend Elite Pilates for the friendly atmosphere and attentive instructors.


The classes at Elite Pilates have kept me feeling strong and fit since my return from Australia. The instructors are knowledgeable,  friendly and professional. They keep the classes challenging which will keep me coming back!



The care & attention to detail that the girls provide when I’m exercising is fantastic. Haven’t been to physio since I started. The foam roller is an amazing tool, I even ordered one on Amazon to be delivered to my parents villa in Portugal last weekend! Will actually miss going to a class while on holidays over the next 2 weeks.

Mary Lou Supple Elite Member 2014


Love, love Elite Pilates- I am really enjoying my new found strength and think you guys are amazing!!!!!!

Emma Quinn Elite Member 2014


Yes Elite Pilates provides excellent service!!!! Full on and Very enjoyable !! I’m happy! Thanks!

Ruth Power Elite member 2014


I love your classes, you are a fantastic motivator and always keep the classes new and interesting. You have made hugh changes for me…I’ve never had a result like this from any other classes..I just hope I can continue to improve and more importantly maintain when I return to work.

Sharon O’Toole Elite member 2014