Bringing Elite Pilates to you!

Via Zoom, At your office or in Studio


At Elite Pilates, we cater to corporate clients who are passionate about creating happy, healthy and productive workspaces for their employees.

Our classes are specifically designed to meet the demands of office life with our instructors catering classes around your work schedule so that you can use your time more efficiently!

We are on a mission to bring wellness to your workspace, or if you prefer to workout outside of the office we offer excellent corporate rates.

Corporate benefits of choosing an Elite Pilates programme

Did you know?

According to the 2016 Aflac WorkForces Report

55% of employees are somewhat likely to accept a job with lower pay, if offered benefits.

36% of employees say better benefit packages would encourage them to keep their current job

73% of employers are taking their employees wellness needs seriously and implementing proactive measures that encourage positive health habits.

Companies with the strongest health and wellbeing cultures have a 45% lower cost of productivity compared with those that had the worst cultures.

HR Review Magazine published results in 2015 indicating that in practical terms, companies that invest in employee wellbeing have experienced a lower % staff turnover, reduced absences and an overall happier, healthier and more productive workforce.

Choosing a corporate programme with Elite Pilates

Encourages your team to be physically active.

Gives your team the tools to make lasting improvements to their individual well-being.

Increases productivity.

Creates positivity, awareness and emotional intelligence.

Motivates and fosters a team spirit.

Alleviates stress.

Improves posture – influencing energy levels, mood and work performance.

Demonstrates your support and investment in your biggest asset – YOUR TEAM.

Power Pilates Flex & Stretch Classical Mat Pilates
This high intensity pilates class gets your heart rate up while retaining all of the amazing benefits of the classical pilates repertoire. Incorporating strength, balance and flexibility, our Flex & Stretch class focuses on strengthening and conditioning the body with a strong focus on reducing pain associated with long hours standing or siting at a desk. Our Classical Mat Pilates Class is designed using the classical pilates repertoire and principles and improves core strength, mindfulness, balance and flexibility.
Why choose Power Pilates? Why choose Flex & Stretch? Why choose Classical Mat Pilates?
Burns fat Increases flexibility Strengthens and tones entire body
Keeps your heart healthy Reduces pain (strong focus on lower back issues) Improves deep core strength
Develops stability and balance Improves posture Develops muscles control
Lengthens and strengthens muscles Strengthens the core to provide extra lumbar support Improves flexibility
Improves posture   Aims to reduce lower back pain
Whole body conditioning    
Reduces pain associated with sedentary work    


The results and benefits expressed to me by my team have been overwhelming particularly in alleviating various back problems, stress levels and improvement in their self-care. One thing they all liked was the affect this had in their lives, of taking small steps to change their life styles in both their nutrition and exercise. It is an investment in people that has now been noticed by our Global HR team and will be something we will consider throughout the whole Cork office as an on-going wellness program. I would highly recommend Elite Pilates to any Corporation or Manager who wants to invest in their biggest asset…. People.

Ann Spillane
Global AR & Credit Manager – Altera