Annett was always interested in keeping fit and healthy, right from being a gymnast as a child to becoming a Personal Trainer as an adult. Although she pursued a career in HR before moving to Ireland, she never stopped exercising. Almost ten years ago she was diagnosed with a slipped disc in the lumbar spine resulting in decompression surgery. The physicians told her that she had to concentrate on building up her core muscles and work on posture control, which she could either achieve through Swimming or Pilates. Having wet hair all the time was not an option so it had to be Pilates. A year later she was completely pain free, able to start lifting weights, running around with her children and just be much more aware of her body. Her passion progressed into being trained as a Balanced Body Mat and Reformer Instructor. Furthermore, Annett feels that Pilates is a way for her to switch off from daily hassles and stress. A Pilates class gives you the time to focus on stretching and strengthening whilst realigning your body. She loves the energy a full class brings but also enjoys an individual approach during private sessions. It does not matter whether you are in your teens or retired, Pilates can do magic to any body.

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