After practising gymnastics competitively from the ages of 4 -17, Jenny was very focused on controlled, precise movement from a very young age and enjoyed the strength that it brought to her body as well as the awareness in the way the the body moves. As well as training several times per week, later in her gymnastics career Jenny began to teach gymnastics basics to children in her local club and it could be said that it was there that her love to teach was born! 

Once she moved away from her club for college which did not have a gymnastics club, Jenny found herself missing what had been such a huge part of her life and felt the difference in her body. Starting with practicing mat pilates and finally moving into reformer and barre, she was hooked! She took a leap and decided to train in mat, reformer and barre pilates instruction and a mentorship programme with Elite Pilates and eventually decided to make pilates her full time career.