Bringing Pilates to EveryBODY

At Elite Pilates we endeavour to introduce you to a new specialised Pilates studio experience

About Elite Pilates

At Elite Pilates our goal is to share our passion for Pilates by offering small group workouts in state-of-the- art studios, that are both fun and effective!

We truly believe that Pilates is for everyBODY!

Regardless of age, gender, fitness level or body-type. From the athlete, the office worker, the injured, the strong, the flexible and inflexible, the dancer, the boxer, the expectant mother, the young, and the elderly.
With hundreds of exercises, Pilates will push you further than you ever thought your body could go.

Our Classes

Elite Pilates offers 2 types of classes, Pilates Mat & Reformer. All of our classes are form-focused, full-body workouts led by highly trained, & qualified instructors.

Our classes are kept small so that we can focus our attention on each and every client and modify the exercises when necessary so that everyone gets the most from their class.

For those who prefer to work on their own or to fit in with their schedule, we also offer 1:1. 2:1 and corporate training sessions.

We like to think that our classes are a little different and we design them to get the most out of each and every one of our clients. After all, Pilates was never meant to be easy!

Meet The Elite Pilates Team

Meet The Team That Can Help You Achieve Your Goals. With The Right Team On Your Side Anything Is Possible!


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