Personal Training

Pilates personal training offers all the advantages of one-on-one coaching, care, and guidance combined with the host of regular benefits of Pilates. Pilates Personal Training can help you get motivated, improve your technique and body strength in a very controlled environment. Your Personal Training Pilates Teacher will encourage and ensure you achieve new levels of control, balance, strength and coordination.

At Elite Pilates you can combine one-on-one Pilates Personal Training sessions with your regular Pilates reformer and mat classes to really take your Physique to the next level. Your Pilates Personal Training program begins with an assessment and goal setting, and you’ll work with a Pilates Teacher of your choice to reach your goals quickly and safely. Any injuries that need to be rehabbed, can be catered for by our highly trained teachers in a safe environment, whether it’s on the reformer or on the mat.

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