What should I eat after my pilates class? | Jessica Horgan Nutrition

After working hard during your Pilates session, it is important to refuel your muscles with a nutritious snack or meal. Focusing on lean protein sources to replenish your muscles and fill you up.

For lighter options and snacks:

o A handful of nuts and a piece of fruit
o A protein shake
o A yogurt (greek yogurts have a higher protein content)
o A smoothie (greek yogurt, fruit and anything else you fancy adding!)
o Hummus and veggie sticks/wholemeal pitta
o Hardboiled egg and spinach salad
o Homemade protein/energy balls
o Rice cakes with nut butter and banana

For a more filling option:

o Wholemeal wrap with chicken/turkey/tuna and salad
o Falafels and salad
o Chicken and vegetable pasta with a tomato sauce
o Vegetable omelette
o Poached eggs on granary toast
o Soup and brown bread
o Baked potato with beans

Plus, don’t forget to stay hydrated throughout your class and afterwards with plenty of water!

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